The purpose of this research is to describe the management of indonesian language teaching learning at the Yunior Muhammadiyah 1 Pagar Alam which consist of the planning aspect the development of teaching learning resources, media, and teaching learning materials, the application of teaching learning process, assessment and evaluation of teaching learning result, remedial implementation, feed back or follow up program, monitoring implementation supervision, and by the principal. This research has been done with the descriptive qualitative method, the researcher himself as an instrument. The data are collected by qualitative method, interview and documentation then they are collected with the observation technique, then they are analyzed and described. The research result shows that all of indonesian language teachers of Yunior Muhammadiyah 1 Pagar Alam 1). Have made lesson plans. 2) The development of learning resource has been done by creating and using the teaching aids from various available resources.3) The learning implementation started with the phase by phase, beside of optimal use of indonesian language laborator or multimedia. 4). Have made the evaluation activity of student’s learning results 5) Have done the remedial and follow up by the various standard, and 6) The principal has monitored and supervised, by using motivation alternative and justice action and reward for all in order to improve the teaching learning more effectively, particularly for indonesian language teachers who face difficulties or get a succeed.
Keywords: management, teaching learning,Indonesian language.

Diterbitkan oleh Hadi Saputra, SKM., M.Si.

Hadi Saputra, SKM, M.Si anak dari Alm Subhan Rubama dan Azizah mempunyai seorang istri bernama Harpi Nusanti, SKM dan Empat orang anak perempuan yang bernama Lubna Afiyah, Mazaya Afifah, Alilah Afiqah, dan Alayyah Afinah Alumni Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik S2 Ilmu Administrasi Universitas Bengkulu.

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