Preliminary study of the relationship seen a fellow nurse colleagues and often leaving a less favorable job site without permission. Ask a female nurse and a nurse acquitted night shift higher educational level wanted to work on light duty. Impeding the preparation of the shift on duty, burden sharing tasks and responsibilities in providing nursing services. Besides complaints about the attitude and actions of nurses who do not fit the expectations of society; bitchy, less attentive, less responsive, less skilled nurses who indicated low performance. This study aimed to describe the work culture of nurses in the emergency room Dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu.
This research was conducted using qualitative descriptive methods. Analysis of data in this study using inductive analysis techniques. Stages of data analysis, namely: the collection, reduction, display, conclusions and verification.
Results showed that nurses working culture is still low, because nursing is still incomplete and not detailed, nursing not give advice to superiors, lack of maintenance tools, the task is not in accordance with employer expectations, less friendly attitude and attention to the patient, delegated tasks in colleagues who practice nurse the child, still lazy and still waiting for the doctor’s instructions, had not understand the duties and less compact, less respect for coworkers and did not come and go home on time, in taking action does not introduce him self, completes these actions do not provide information on patients, did not rebuke the families of patients who smoked, slow when patients ask, do not give advice to patients and also, the patient is less satisfied because of lack of attention the nurses, the lack of cooperation on the night shif, and not letting atuaran on patients and families.
For the hospitals should be able to improve the work culture of nurses are still low by increasing its presence in the discipline of nurses in the place task, nurses provide training on how to implement nursing care in a complete, provides an explanation of the core duties to nurses. For emergency room chief is expected to fix problems that occur such as creating a comprehensive nursing care and detail, give strict punishment for the nurses who come and go home on time, and can provide insight basic tasks and functions, so that nurses working better.
Keywords:  Work Culture, Nurse, Honesty, Initiative, Responsibility, Cooperation,  Discipline.

*    Candidate of Magister Manajemen

**  Lecturer

Diterbitkan oleh Hadi Saputra, SKM., M.Si.

Hadi Saputra, SKM, M.Si anak dari Alm Subhan Rubama dan Azizah mempunyai seorang istri bernama Harpi Nusanti, SKM dan Empat orang anak perempuan yang bernama Lubna Afiyah, Mazaya Afifah, Alilah Afiqah, dan Alayyah Afinah Alumni Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik S2 Ilmu Administrasi Universitas Bengkulu.

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