The purpose of this study is to identify the leadership and organizational culture at BNI 46 Branches in Bengkulu. Qualitative approach used to analyze and provide explanations for the results of the study. All of 43 employee at BNI 46 branches in Bengkulu served as study sample. Data collection techniques to conduct interviews and questionnaire.  views of therespondents’ answers we got the resultthat transformational and transactionalleadership has been running sufficient well atBNI 46 Bengkulu. but from theaverage value that was obtained stronger transactional leadershipin applied in BNI 46 Bengkulu. The result of the study  indicate 1) that was a strong transactional leadership better than transformational leadership at the BNI 46 Bengkulu: 2) organizational culture that is applied in BNI  46 Bengkulu is principle 46.This culturalprinciple is already well establishedapplication in BNI 46 Bengkulu.

Key words: Transformational leadership, Transaktional leadership, organizational culture.

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