This study aims to identify and analyze the Bengkulu Bank employee career development through education and training and to identify and analyze the Bengkulu Bank employee career development through education and training non.
This study is qualitative . Research informants comprising representatives of Division 1 head , 1 head , and 1 person executing , so the number of informants from nine research division by 27 people . Informants in this study were taken with pourposive sampling method . Qualitative data analysis through data reduction , Data Presentation , and Withdrawal conclusions . Techniques using the Data Validity and Triangulation Triangulation Resources Engineering.
The results showed that education and training on the implementation of Bengkulu Bank Employee career development is not good enough , this is due to the Bengkulu Bank employees do not send karyawandi inside or outside the country , but do the career development of employees through Branch and School Leadership School Leadership Division and employees schools are not financed from the Bank Bengkulu but uses its own costs and have their own initiatives . Besides training the Bank Bengkulu implementation of this training is done while working for employees with long tenure is not to force employees under the 2011 and the results showed that the Non- Employee Education and Training in Bengkulu Bank in the implementation of career development is quite good , because Bank Bengkulu award given for outstanding employee just appreciation of employers, on sale for memgang higher office than the previous office , punish employees by giving legal sanction scorsing and layoffs for employees who are not disciplined and violate company rules and do another rotation kejabatan employees thus equivalent experience and knowledge in other areas of increased and growing .

Diterbitkan oleh Hadi Saputra, SKM., M.Si.

Hadi Saputra, SKM, M.Si anak dari Alm Subhan Rubama dan Azizah mempunyai seorang istri bernama Harpi Nusanti, SKM dan Empat orang anak perempuan yang bernama Lubna Afiyah, Mazaya Afifah, Alilah Afiqah, dan Alayyah Afinah Alumni Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik S2 Ilmu Administrasi Universitas Bengkulu.

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