The objective of this research is to understand the implementation of certificate registration for food production of home industries (SPP-IRT) viewed from procedural aspect i.e. its submission of application form of SPP-IRT, the execution of food safety extension; the checking/auditing of production facilities and database system; reporting (monitoring) of SPP-IRT in the Health office of Bengkulu city. This research uses analytical descriptive method with qualitative approach. The data were collected by using interview and documentation techniques. The data were then analyzed using interactive data analysis technique of Miles and Huberman.
            Food production is defined as all products of foods and drinks processed which a certain technique for commercial purposes, with intention to be consumed by human being. The food product of home industries is the food which is in high risk, in term of easily spoil and is not long lasting, so during the production process, besides paying attention to the quantity of the product, the producers must pay  attention on the standard of quality. The government has the authority to set up the requirement of the quality standard of food which will be marketed.

            This research show that in the process of certificate registration of the SPP-IRT there are several problems, namely: (1) lack of fund in the food safety extension, so that not all the applicants are covered in the extension; (2) less intensive of monitoring process, due to the fact that the Health office of Bengkulu city and Centre for Drug and Food Control(BPOM) of Bengkulu province are not well coordinated. Meanwhile, in the process of application there is no serious problem. The process of application takes 1-2 days. Likewise, the process of audit of production facilities of food home industries is running well with limited false. 

Diterbitkan oleh Hadi Saputra, SKM., M.Si.

Hadi Saputra, SKM, M.Si anak dari Alm Subhan Rubama dan Azizah mempunyai seorang istri bernama Harpi Nusanti, SKM dan Empat orang anak perempuan yang bernama Lubna Afiyah, Mazaya Afifah, Alilah Afiqah, dan Alayyah Afinah Alumni Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik S2 Ilmu Administrasi Universitas Bengkulu.

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