Roles Of Nurse At The Treatment Health Centres Beringin Raya Muara Bangkahulu District Bengkulu City


By.Hadi Saputra 
This reseach purpose to know the roles of nurse that are observed from the role of nurse as nursing upbring giver,the role of nurse as advocat client, role of nurse as educator, the role of nurse as coodinatror, role of nurse as  collaboration , the role of nurse as consultant and the role of nurse as reformer. The type of research is qualitatif, sample are 9 person that is a head of UPTD, a head of staff administration, three nurse and four of patient who are treated at the Health Centres based on disease specification that is taken by pourposive sampling. Processing and analysis data in this research study is done by data reduction, data repesentation and conclusion drawing. The result of this research study: 1) The nurse had done investigation, diagnosa was not made.evaluation by comparing patient condition after teated somedays did not use nursing upbring form, 2) Agreement action had never done .If there was patient with high risk, health centres made reconcialition to hospital. While information giving is done to patient and and the family when the patient was in installations theemergency department, 3) The nurse did healty education was done only if the patient was treated in I installations theemergency department, while if the patient was treated in treatment health centres education was not done, 4) Advanced treatment planning if basic treatment was not able to overcome the patient desease by giving reconciliation to hospital, consult to spesialist, 5) Collaboration had been done with doctor, laboratory and nutrionist, while for fisiotherapi was reconciliated to hospital because limited  healty tools, 6) The  nurse consult with patient and and patient family about treatment that would be done. Consultation about desease was not done because the nurse did not have time, 7) Planning is done before treatment given to patient. Collaboration between nurse, and doctor and healthy officials was done. Generally the roles of of nurse are less or not enough.These cause among 7 roles, the nurse only did 3 roles, while the 4 others role were not done. Suggestion: to the leader the nurses should not be given  duties  as treasuer pogrammer, suveillance and the nurses should improve their roles such as nursing upbringing giver, advocat, educator,and consultant.

KeyWord: Roles Of Nurse, Treatment Health Centres Beringin Raya

Diterbitkan oleh Hadi Saputra, SKM., M.Si.

Hadi Saputra, SKM, M.Si anak dari Alm Subhan Rubama dan Azizah mempunyai seorang istri bernama Harpi Nusanti, SKM dan Empat orang anak perempuan yang bernama Lubna Afiyah, Mazaya Afifah, Alilah Afiqah, dan Alayyah Afinah Alumni Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik S2 Ilmu Administrasi Universitas Bengkulu.

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