Thesis of post graduate program, the department of education management
University of Bengkulu, Bengkulu, 2008; 116 Pages
The purposeof this researchis to analyze the quality of education grade SMP North Bengkulu in 2007, it was researchof students graduated number, studentswere repeat,  students  ungraduated,  the  competency  of  teachers,  especial  teachers  study, school facility, and school medium. This research use quantitative descriptive method with  source  of  especial  is  documentation   data  and  interview  the  department  of Education  of  North  Bengkulu.  According  to  the      research  it  was  concluded  that indicators was low from qualities of education :   student graduated of number  74,03 percent  (  National  number  85,63  percent),  student  were  the  repeat  0,64  percent  ( National number 0,31 percent), competency of teachers 52,87 percent ( National 64,03 percent). Specialist of teacher 15,65 percent Indonesian, 16,24 percent English.Facility of school was very less and school  medium destroy is total, except the student were ungraduated and Specialist of teacher Mathematics said enough quality.
Key Word: The quality of education indicators

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