Haas reiterate points desire after first F1 automobile launch

Haas F1 have reiterated their desire to compete for points after revealing images of their first Formula automobile ahead of a 2016 debut.

The United States-based team will be on the grid for the first time this season and have set the bar high ahead of their new venture.

Haas’ new automobile, the VF-16, which gets its name from being Haas’ ‘Very First One’, is powered by a Ferrari unit and is a result of years of development.

“We have experienced designers who worked hard to create all the small things from an aerodynamic point of view that, collectively, add up to a lot,” they told Haas’ official web-site.

Team principal Guenther Steiner is keen to earn the respect of the other teams and compete in the upper echelons of F1.

“And our technical partner, Ferrari, provided our power unit, and that defined the rear finish of the automobile and how huge it needed to be.

“Our aim with this automobile is to score points. First, they must go out there and show that they can do the job, that they can finish races, that they are respected by the fans and other teams in the paddock.

Haas will be testing in Barcelona between February 22-25 and again at the beginning of March.

“Then, they need to score points. That is the final aim.”

Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez were selected as Haas’ first driver line-up and will be behind the wheel for the season opener in Melbourne on March 2

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